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You worked hard to build your business – Don’t forget to protect it properly! Ensure your commercial property is properly secured with the right locks and security systems for your commercial needs. Call our Everett WA locksmith service to find a team of expert commercial locksmiths with whom you will build a trusting relationship for locksmith services when you need them. Our Everett WA locksmith service cover a long list of locks and keys services for your business.

What You Can Expect From A Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith provides services to enhance the safety of your business, offices, retail shops, schools, restaurants, hospitals, or whatever your commercial property requires for proper safety and security. Count on our trusted commercial Everett WA locksmith team to properly handle the protection of all of your private and confidential files and equipment inside your company.

The professional commercial locksmiths at Everett Locksmith understand your security needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Everett WA locksmith offer FAST response time – service in 25 minutes or less!

Our trusted and reliable commercial locksmiths handle:

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Master Key Systems

It’s your company, or you are the office manager! It is up to you to allow or deny access to specific areas as needed. Take full control over what key opens which door and who has access to entry by installing a master key system. Prevent carrying around a large bunch of keys and have a master key system installed that allows you to operate certain locks using a single master key. Make sure the keys you assign to trusted employees cannot be duplicated or made it into the hands of would-be thieves or those who mean to cause you damage or harm. Call upon the services of a reliable commercial locksmith to install secure locking systems.

Security Systems

Your business is unique, and its security system should match your required needs. Contact Everett Locksmith for a security upgrade or to add advanced security features to an existing security system. Our knowledgeable technicians will gladly evaluate the safety needs of your business to make recommendations about advanced security systems that will properly meet the safety needs of your commercial property. We are able to install security devices like Closed Circuit TV security camera systems, video surveillance, or advanced technology of biometric locks.


Employees and commercial buildings are your first concern. Next is keeping your important documents and other business valuables properly protected by installing a high-profile safe. For businesses that require the highest level of security, such as banks or large retail shops, we will recommend and install vaults to guarantee your highly confidential documents and money are kept safe and secure.

Commercial Locksmith

Your Safety Is Our Goal and Top Priority!

Ensure the safety and security of your employees, your company, and your commercial property! Contact our trusted commercial locks and security experts today, at Everett WA Locksmith! We service the entire Everett and surrounding community.

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